2018    CCC Trio Poster Award

2016    Otto-Kraupp habilitation award; Winner in the category „Best written thesis“ (Petra Heffeter)

2016    Förderpreis der Stadt Wien (Publication award)

2014    INiTS award; Winner in the category „Life science“

2014    RIZ Genius award; category “Research”

2011    Forschungsentwicklungspreis des Fonds der Stadt Wien für innovative interdisziplinäre Krebsforschung


Approved International Peer-Reviewed Projects

»  Austrian Science Fond (FWF) grant P28853 (Tyrosine kinase inhibitor prodrugs to reduce side effects and resistance development).

»  Austrian Science Fond (FWF) grant P26603 (Tumor-targeting of oxaliplatin and cisplatin by an albumin-affine prodrug design).

»  Austrian Science Fond (FWF) grant P22072 (New Thiosemicarbazone-Based Anticancer Drugs).

»  AWS Prize (Tumor-specific Tyrosinkinase inhibitors for targeted cancer therapy).

»  Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) (Bacterial ghosts as carriers for targeted cancer therapy).

»  Johanna Mahlke, geb. Obermann-Stiftung (Liposomal drug delivery systems)

»  Initiative Krebsforschung (Tumor-specific activation of clinically approved tyrosine kinase inhibitors by cathepsin B).

»  Herzfelder´sche Familienstiftung (Impact of targeted therapeutics on the anticancer activity of new metal compounds).

»  Research assignment from the Fellinger Krebsforschung (Proteinbiomarker zur Vorhersage der Sensitivität von Tumorzellen gegen die neue Rutheniumverbindung KP1339).

»  Research assignment from the Fellinger Krebsforschung (Mechanisms underlying the sensitivity and resistance of cancer cells to KP1339: The role of ER homeostasis, integrins and autophagy).